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Monday, July 15, 2013

The Zoo Briefing

How are you all doing? Summer is over our heads GROAR! i haven't even notice it (if it wasn't for the SUPER HOT WEATHER in Bristol!) aaaaaargh! i though UK had cloudy weather!! haha!
i am working in a new picture book those days! and it is about zoo!! how awesome it is!
Last saturday i went with my friend to have a picnic in a park and i was sketching like crazy... i think i'm rediscovering the joy of pen sketching again! 

Those are some animal sketching for another activity book!
So so happy to be walking by this path!



  1. Hi, my sunny Genie! :)
    I am always watching your news, and want to say - your works makes me happy all time and gives me a lot of inspiration to paint and paint!

    These drawings from ZOO are AMAZOOiN :D Wonderful characters, done with such free lines, they are alive!

    Beautiful illos, dear! I am impressed with your imagination and ardor!

    Kisses <3


Thanks for your comment! *hug*