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Monday, June 17, 2013

Make Art that Sells Course PART 1

Hello my dear all!
How are you doing?
I am beyond excitement for the last 2 weeks because i joined the wonderful course of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells. At first i was so interested on joining it because of the Children's book assignment but after 2 weeks i can say i am more than pleased.
I've been working on patterns and home decor and experimenting new techniques long time forgotten.
Those are the final pieces i submit for each week assignment! What do you think?

Besides all the hard work and the awesome "open mind" experience, i'm meeting such awesome creatives around the globe, they are so talented and inspiring!
It has been such a nice experience so far, i can't wait for more of Lilla and my classmates of MATS!


  1. What a wonderful news, dearest! I am soooo happy for you!

    That you are returning to watercolours and making such wonderful things!
    It's always interesting to learn new techuniqes, to invent somethin new, speak with artist!
    I love so much your design, it is very fresh and light!
    Patterns are very lovely like from childhood!
    BIG HUGS! And kisses for you!

    1. kisses for you too! my dear sunny! i can feel you always being bright by my side! <3

  2. That fox plate makes me beam with happiness!!!

  3. Genie! gracias por tu comentario ;) No tengo tienda ni nada (soy un desastre para estas cosas) pero si alguna vez quieres alguna cosilla, hablamos por email ;) Por cierto, cómo me gustan estos últimos trabajos! me encantan los trazos sueltos y los colores! ;) un besazo!


Thanks for your comment! *hug*