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Sunday, July 3, 2011

i'm the proud winner...

Hello dears! hope you're all fine! sun and summer is here and veeeeery hot days are in the corner! How are you passing those hot days? for me a small frapuccino helps! :-9
Today i want to show you a very special giveaway i won, from the wonderful artist Bryony Crane (click in this link to go to her website). 
First of all, the wonderful presents reach me so fast! and everything was so beautiful! let me show you!
see? how wonderful is everything!
she sent me some stickers too!! stickers! *loves stickers*

Even this bear was handmade! *won't remove it from the bag, never!!*
But, my favorite piece is this parrot:

Thanks again, dear Bryony for doing such wonderful giveaway! I've just placed it in my "art wall" where i just place everything art-related i love!

More info from Bryony:


  1. Looks lovely! I really like Bryony's work too- especially that Parrot!

  2. Mellybee: i just love the parrot too!! it's just awesome!!! :-D while i'm working i stare to those wonderful illos.... waaa-

  3. Uhuhuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! :D
    GREAT! Genie, my lovely! :-D Congradulations! Sooo many wonderful things from talented and cute Bryony Crane are now in your house! :)I am glad and happy for you! :*
    They are so nice and beautiful!
    Happy HUGS! :D
    Miss you so much! :*

  4. ti-igra: aren't those pieces beautiful? now i'm working and then... i stare to wonderful art that makes me happy!!


Thanks for your comment! *hug*