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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inchiostro Festival Alessandria 2014

This was my table and my view of Inchiostro!
Hello my dears! hope you're good!
I've been out those days, I attended to Inchiostro Festival as an illustrator guest, in the wonderful city of Alessandria (next to Milan,Italy).
It was just for 2 days but me and the amazing Lorenzo Montatore  got there on thursday so we had some time to visit Milan before getting to the Festival.
This is the wonderful DUOMO of Milan!
Pistachio and dark chocolate Gelatto for a double yum!
Then we met Luca, Elisa and Martina and we head to the Festival, yahoo! 
photo credit: the amazing artist and now friend, Amaia Arrazola and illustration by the amazing Riccardo Guasco.
Inchiostro was a weekend of drawing, workshops, fun, amazing talent, illustration battles, marvelous people and wonderful friends.
Here you are some images, they speak by themselves! If you have the chance to visit Alessandria next year and can make it for Inchiostro, I am sure you won't be dissapointed! Luca, Andrea and all the Inchiostro team made an amazing job! Ciao amicci, I LOVE YOU TO BITS!
Lorenzo and myself pointing at our names (smart couple, heh)
myself facing the illustrator match, I did a crappy cat. SO NERVOUS.
Amaia knows me so well and gave me this amazing original artwork.
This kid draw me a portrait, young talent!
Montatore and Andrea in the illustrators battle!
my original artwork sold at Inchiostro.
Luca and Lorenzo exchanging opinions and hand dancing.
from left to right: Nico, Amaia Arrazola, Martina Flor, Judy Kauffman and Lorenzo Montatore.
Group selfie: Martina, Elisa, Ale Giorgini, Andrea and Cristobal Schmal
Amaia and Cristobal working hard!
collaborative poster.
with us now for ever! <3 td="">
For more pics, visit Inchiostro Festival Flickr HERE->

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I've ran out of illustrative ideas!

My dears I need your help!
I've been thinking in some topics for illustrate (as the pirate above) but my brain seems to be dry and lack of anything special! Can you help me?
Is there anything you'll like to see?


Friday, January 10, 2014

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas illustrations!

Hello and Happy New Year!
Hope you had a wonderful entry and wish you a great year ahead!!! :-D
I've been doing some Christmas illus and shared them in my Facebook (add me! <3 and="" blog="" font="""" genie.espinosa="" https:="" in="" my="" nbsp="" new="""">
How have you spent your Christmas? Any curiosity related to your country? :-D
Let me know!

Monday, December 16, 2013

The street dance!

I've been updating my new blog
in my website, but since many of you are all here and I want to follow you (<3 be="" font="" from="" here="" i="" stopping="" time="" to="" will="">
I've been working in a new style lately, as you can see above, I've been trying a more vintage-ish look! If you follow me on twitter (@geniespinosa) you must have seen something! kukukuku

Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This is the most accurate answer i can give you right now!
I got a wonderful CINTIQ 13HD and now my life has changed! I don't know why I discovered this amazing tool SO LATE! (are you a cintiq user? if so, any tip? Please share with this newbie!)
I've been drawing lots of new characters and CATS for selftraining (you can follow #acharacteraday and #selftraining hashtags on my twitter account @geniespinosa).
What do you think? (clic on images for a larger view!)

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

From Drakula to Batman!!!

Hope you all are GREAT! ​
Today i want to share the new illustration style i've been working on lately!
A dearest friend of mine gave me some photoshop brushes as a present, I can say, I was never too much on to Photoshop drawing...​
Since i started playing with those babies (follow the link above to buy them) I just can't STOP! Those brushes are wonderful, easy to install (very important if your computer knowledge is far to low, like mine). I just had so much fun trying I decided to practice a little bit everyday, this is how i illustrated those pillows for the OHH DEER PILLOW FIGHT II!​
​If you want to appreciate my work or even buy a pillow (thumbs up!!!) you can clic to those links:
Thanks a lot! ​
genie x​

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Many many things happened!

Hello wonderful friends! Sorry for being out so much time!
When i see how active some of my friends are on their social media i can't feel more than ashamed! (yes i am looking at you, wonderful Becka Moor!) 
Many things happened those months! I finally got my new website! Yuhu!! you can take a look on it clicking HERE:
As well on it, it has a new BLOG (more serious than this one ;-))

But if you still miss me, you can follow my new daily doodle adventures in my new tumblr:
Where you can find a daily crappy sketch in humor code, talking about my experience in the freelance illustration blog! Take a look if you like it! laughs on me! ;-)

That's a super quick entry but i hope you all...
Hope to be back SOON!
genie xxx

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Zoo Briefing

How are you all doing? Summer is over our heads GROAR! i haven't even notice it (if it wasn't for the SUPER HOT WEATHER in Bristol!) aaaaaargh! i though UK had cloudy weather!! haha!
i am working in a new picture book those days! and it is about zoo!! how awesome it is!
Last saturday i went with my friend to have a picnic in a park and i was sketching like crazy... i think i'm rediscovering the joy of pen sketching again! 

Those are some animal sketching for another activity book!
So so happy to be walking by this path!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Gift items, my last assignment on Make Art that Sells Course

Hello my dears!
How have you been?
July has started like crazy!! woaaaa!! i am so happy and full of work to do (and quite lazy lately! must be the sun??) 
Today i want to share my last assignment for Lilla Rogers course Make Art that sells, which finished this week. The topic was lush and gift decor and i came with my favorite topic: LITTLE RED RIDDING HOOD.
We've had to work with old vintage flowers and patterns, it came that i really enjoy the mixture, evern it was SO HARD. i think i just moved too much away from my confort zone! 
Anyway, it has been AMAZING.
Now we've keep working until october when the part B of this course is taking part! <3 font="">
Until then, i have many amazing projects ahead, awesome projects (another one from Bologna Fiere!! YUHU).
Hope i can show some to you sooooooon!!! HUUUUUUGS

Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Snail and the Rose Tree by Hans Christian Andersen

Hello all!!
work keeps coming, GOOD DAYS!
I am so excited about this course and all what's happening in June so far!
i will study in a course next month, improving my english! That would be so fun for sure!!
Today i want to share my latest illo for the course i am taking, i had to illustrate a spread of Andersen tale, the Snail and the Rose Tree, which i though it wasn't so serious and turned to be a pretty hard message tale.
You can read it here, it's quite short, it won't take you more than 5-10 minutes.
I worked in the spread option (the other one was the cover) and we had to work in lettering too, my option was working on a wavy way but i wanted to feel the old air of Mary Blair illustrations (dark base and bright colors upfront) 
take a look to Mary Blair illustrations here!
What do you think?

Monday, June 17, 2013

Make Art that Sells Course PART 1

Hello my dear all!
How are you doing?
I am beyond excitement for the last 2 weeks because i joined the wonderful course of Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells. At first i was so interested on joining it because of the Children's book assignment but after 2 weeks i can say i am more than pleased.
I've been working on patterns and home decor and experimenting new techniques long time forgotten.
Those are the final pieces i submit for each week assignment! What do you think?

Besides all the hard work and the awesome "open mind" experience, i'm meeting such awesome creatives around the globe, they are so talented and inspiring!
It has been such a nice experience so far, i can't wait for more of Lilla and my classmates of MATS!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bologna Book Fair 2013

This is not suposed to be a food entry! but i can't forget how yummy it was!!
Hello my dears! hope you all have been good!!
At last i've got spare time and can write a resume post about Bologna 2013, this was my first year in the Children Book Fair and i must say it was an awesome experience!
I visited the fair for 1 day and a half if i don't remember bad and this is how i got ready for it!
Those are my advices based in my own mistakes, if you have more tips please leave them in the comments and i will update this entry with them!!

FIRST THING: Bologna Fair is not a Fair just for illustrators presenting their portfolios!! Surprised? i was really shocked when i discovered lot of the stands there were printing factories, selling rights agencies, books expositions... i though all was FOR the illustrators to communicate easily with the world! first mistake.
Bologna Fair is HUGE, and i mean HUGE, it has a lot of pavilions, expos, spaces... all is quite mixed and needs a lot of concentration. 
MY TIP: pick up a map of the fair and start marking all the places you want to visit and all you've already visited, this will save you a lot of time with the DID I LEFT SOMETHING HERE OR NOT?

But, first things first, get ready! I've read a lot of blogs telling to prepare appointments in advance, i was trying to set some appointments before the Fair (2-3 weeks before) and i got NO ANSWER. I was nervous because i though i could not show anything to anyone, but, lot's of publishers have like 2 hours a day for appointments with the art directors. Just go to the stand and ask for them. If there's a possibility they will let you know.

- sketches (i would recommend max. size A3 because i saw some people carrying massive portfolios who look super unconfortable)
- business cards with all your details
- posters and tape so  you can leave some of them in the entrance corridor (i got many new friends in facebook because of this)
- portfolio (in my case i created an A5 dossier so i could show it and leave it easily to anyone)
- your best smile.

Keep reading under the cut! :-) it sais OLD POST but it's a CUT, sorry for that!! 
This is the cut:

Friday, May 10, 2013

Things i hate #1

lately i feel like doing a super quick illo as a diary!
I hate feeling my feet WET!